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Anthony Stewart, founder of Ashlar Construction returned to his roots just in time to help his former neighbors. The neighborhood was suffering from decades of infrastructure and commercial decline and is considered a food desert.

Little did he know when he lived on Davenport Street on the Bridgeport’s East End and went to McKinley School that one day he would come back to the neighborhood as a successful developer to build a 10.4-million-dollar, 32,000 square foot commercial project.

The community needed a library, a grocery store and storefronts for retailers. Fortunately, for Anthony and the community, an opportunity existed on what was called the civic block, a full city block located in the heart of the East End on Stratford Avenue, a major artery. Stewart’s company initially won the bid to build the library and was then selected to develop the rest of the block. After months of working with members of the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) Committee and the City of Bridgeport who paid to remediate the property, Stewart first built the East End Library, which is scheduled to open in the Spring.

The retail project would need to be funded from a combination of conventional banking sources as well as private funders, including Bridgeport Landing Development (BLD), which was busy just to the west of the civic block creating Steelpointe Harbor, the city’s lynchpin development project on the East Side waterfront of Bridgeport Harbor. “It was important for Bridgeport Landing Development to be involved because they’re my neighbors up the street and I’d like to try to tie all of our work together. We’ve committed $1.4 million to go directly into the cost of construction in order to make this important neighborhood project happen.” BLD President of Operations, Bob Christoph Jr. said. “We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with Mr. Stewart, a developer who we know is committed to getting it right in his old neighborhood.”

Stewart said he’s calling the development, Honey Locust Square because of the plantings that will grace the project which, along with the grocery store, will have an Optimus Health Care clinic, a restaurant, pharmacy, bakery and other retailers. The development block is bordered by Stratford, Central, and Newfield Avenues and Revere Street, and will also will be the new home of Ashlar Construction. The project is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2021. Stewart says the project will be urban friendly with storefronts right along the sidewalks of Stratford Avenue with parking in the rear.

“I am very excited about the project. I’m putting my life savings into making it happen. I’m doing it because I’m from the neighborhood, my mother worked at a local beauty parlor, I would attend the old Newfield library and my father helped build the Ralphola Taylor Center across the street from Honey Locust Square. So, this is my old stomping ground.” Stewart says he’s ready for this project because before focusing his business in Connecticut in 2016, he worked on some very significant development projects such as an upstate New York train station and public-school projects.

Community Activist Deb Sims of the East End NRZ says, “It has been a long challenge but Ashlar is making great progress. The fact that he’s from the neighborhood and hiring local people is good and he’s in contact with the NRZ weekly. We’re happy that after 15 years something is happening.” Stewart added, “I hope this acts as a catalyst that helps change the East End of Bridgeport as it brings back more pride. I want to make a difference. Moving forward I plan to develop more housing, a combination of both affordable and market rate houses to continue developing the neighborhood.”

2020 Year in Review

Make no doubt about it 2020 was a year like no other as the coronavirus closed down businesses and cancelled events. It could not, however, stymie the forward momentum at Steelpointe Harbor. Fireworks, wildly successful boat shows, waterside dining, community investments, charitable giving and corporate expansion were all part of the 2020 Steelpointe Harbor experience. Showpiece Shows the developers’ entertainment division armed with tenacity, hutzpah, and technology would not be deterred and put on a pair of very safe and successful boat shows.

With only a short delay the first-ever Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Boat Show launched on Father’s Day weekend. Thousands attended the first ever show at the site as they passed through automated temperature checks to safely enjoy boats, boating accessories, classic cars and much more at a social distance.

The second Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show to be held at Bridgeport Harbor Marina in 2020 was held in September. Azimuth Aviation and Three Wing Aviation kicked off the event flying over Bridgeport’s East Side and landing four helicopters next to the Lighthouse Building on Steelpointe Harbor. Bridgeport Landing Development (BLD) President of Operations Bob Christoph Jr. was the first ever to land a helicopter on the peninsula. The Steelpointe Harbor Boat Show quickly became the tristate destination.

Equally successful was the re-opening of the Boca Oyster Bar after the government approved public dining again. Boca provided spacious patio dining on Bridgeport Harbor, and again served patrons from its raw bar, exquisite seafood menu, and a variety of appetizing offerings.

2020 was the first full year for the Bridgeport Harbor Marina which drew interest from boaters throughout the East Coast. Visitors, however, didn’t only come by sea or land but also by air as BLD has partnered with Three Wing Aviation out of Sikorsky Memorial Airport that has built a reputation for providing the highest standards of safety and customer service to clients. If boats or airflight isn’t your thing BLD held numerous opportunities for the car lovers either at the boat shows with Black Horse Garage or at a summer parking lot event that drew a number of high style performance vehicles.

Across the Harbor, Bridgeport Boatworks boasts Travelifts, repair services, a paint shop, and outside as well as heated inside winter storage. Their newest feature is a 620-ton travelift which will accommodate future expansion and tenants at the site. More on that to come in 2021. Also, at the boat yard, all boaters will have access to a newly constructed high-speed gas and diesel fuel dock for even the mega yachts. DockMaster Robert De Nigris says, “The fuel station serves marina tenants and transients alike and is a great convenience.”

As for the retailers, well Bass Pro Shops lead the way with record sales of camping supplies during the virus shutdown for those looking to find outdoor entertainment and recreation.

2020 business success was not confined to the harbor as blocks away BLD also invested in an important community development which is bringing a commercial development project to the East End including a grocery store and pharmacy to the food desert community. Community projects also included the investment in a Building Neighborhoods Together (BNT) project that includes 50 workforce housing units in Bridgeport.

BLD has also contributed to community efforts. On May 7th, 2020 the Connecticut Food Bank held 32-ton mobile drive-through food pantry for Bridgeport area residents to help alleviate hunger in the community caused by the pandemic. A line of cars to receive free meals wrapped around the entire block of Bass Pro Shops. That giving spirit continued throughout the year through contributions to organizations such as Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders, Beardsley Zoological Gardens, East End Pop-up Market, Hall Neighborhood House, Bridgeport Regional Business Council, turkey and toy giveaways and many other contributions to groups such as the NAACP and the St Patrick’s Day Parade. BLD and Showpiece Shows even hosted a Sandlot game on the property for local kids from various diverse communities.

Considering all that BLD accomplished with its partners in 2020 it was fitting that they took in the new year with its annual Fireworks display, certainly a sign of great things to come.

Turkeys and Hams make Thanksgiving complete for 400 local families

Responding to an increased need in the community Bridgeport Landing Development (Steelpointe) tripled its contribution to the Annual Optimus Health Care Thanksgiving Turkey give away. This year’s Steelpointe collaboration with Optimus Health Care provided Thanksgiving meal donations to multiple charitable organizations and community leaders for distribution. Many of the recipients showed gratitude and joy as they left with their meals. One appreciative 85 year-old did what she called her Thanksgiving dance as she chanted “Que Vive America”.

The contribution multiplied as other community groups and partners also participated in the holiday food distribution through the East End Food Pantry, Hall Neighborhood House, Optimus Health Care and by way of other community leaders.

Through generous donations from Steelpointe Harbor developers Robert Christoph Sr. and Robert Christoph Jr., as well as Showpiece Shows, the Steelpointe boat show event creator, OPTIMUS Health Care was able to provide more than 400 families with turkeys, hams, canned goods, and stuffings.

“We really wanted to help make this a great holiday. We are thankful for Bridgeport Landing Development as they substantially increased their contribution this year to reflect the greater need within our community. The Christoph family is very generous.” stated Ludwig Spinelli, Chief Executive Officer of OPTIMUS Health Care. Bob Dzurenda of Hall Neighborhood House said, “We can’t thank them enough for helping us with the extra turkeys. We helped, with their help, feed 300 families today.”

This is Steelpointe’s 12th year of involvement in this event. Bridgeport Landing Development President of Operations, Robert Christoph Jr. said, “As a company, Bridgeport Landing is dedicated to helping the community where we live and work. This year our contribution had to reflect the increased need.” Optimus Health Care CEO Ludwig Spinelli added, “There are many individuals and families in the community who needed turkeys and we were able to fulfill this need. Thank you to Steelpointe for always staying present in the community.”

Other contributors gave monetary donations toward the fixins and turkeys including Alliance for Community Empowerment, Diversified Building Services, McBride Electric, Ludwig Spinelli, and Karen Daley. After it was over, event contributors filled by the recipients demonstrations of appreciation, said they don’t know who got more out of it the recipients or those who were able to contribute.

The second Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show wows guests!

The second Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show to be held at Bridgeport Harbor Marina in 2020 was held in September with an exhilarating amount of fanfare. The turnout was as incredible as the weather. Guests were yet again in awe of the boats, yachts, aircraft, and vehicles on display at Steelpointe.

Azimuth Aviation and Three Wing Aviation kicked off the event flying over Bridgeport’s East Side and landing four helicopters next to the Lighthouse Building on Steelpointe Harbor. Ken Smith, an accomplished pilot and General Manager of the Three Wing Aviation Group assisted with the landing of the helicopters. They joined the yachts and boats of all types that had arrived at the marina over the previous several days. The Showpiece Shows’ Steelpointe Harbor boat show quickly became the destination that everyone in the tristate area visited and enjoyed that beautiful September weekend.

The Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show was strategically organized to showcase and economically benefit the businesses in the city as much as possible. Essential event services were supported by local Bridgeport businesses and residents. “We sold out the Holiday Inn Hotel here in Bridgeport,” shared President of Operations for Bridgeport Landing Development, Robert Christoph Jr., “We’re excited to say that the positive economic impact on local business as well as the visibility this event brings to Bridgeport is really great, especially considering the effects Covid has had on struggling hotels.”

The event kicked off Thursday September 24, 2020 with a News12 interview with Robert Christoph Jr. and Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show’s promoter, Jennifer Jones. The interview revealed what to expect for the next three days at the second Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show of 2020.

Keeping the need for a safe environment in mind, the event was designed to be both fun and safe. Mandatory temperature screening prior to entering, touchless check in, as well as following proper social distancing requirements were all part of the organization of the show. Masks were available for patrons when they arrived, and hand sanitizer stations were plentiful.

Beyond the alluring display of boats, the show featured a variety of classic, luxurious, and sophisticated cars from the nearby Black Horse Garage on the east end. There were stylish and timeless examples from the likes of Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dodge, Genesis, Ford, BMW and more showcased. Patrons were in awe and bestowed compliments as they walked through the display of lined up new and classic cars, with shining wheels, glistening paint, and sparkling chrome.

The glorious weekend weather helped create the ideal Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show experience. Talented performers played their hearts out as patrons sang along, while enjoying cold drinks and delicious food from the likes of Two Roads Breweries, Fire Engine Pizza and vendors including the marina’s own premier restaurant, Boca Oyster Bar. Matt White and Tyrone Wells highlighted the artists who performed from a stage moored out in the harbor. They wowed the audience with their entrances while performing their acts on the decks of Zeelander Yachts. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that had to be seen firsthand.

By all the comments from both the visitors and vendors, the event was a huge success and drew an enthusiastic crowd of boaters, yacht fanatics, and community members to the state-of-the-art docks at Bridgeport Harbor Marina. The Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show will return in June of 2021 and promises to exceed expectations once again.

Boat show brings luxury yachts and more to Bridgeport this weekend


By News12

A Bridgeport boat show is set to bring luxury yachts and more to the city this weekend.

The Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show runs from today through Sunday at the Bridgeport Harbor Marina.

Aside from boats, the show will also feature rare cars, private jets, and helicopters.

Due to pandemic precautions, the show is invitation-only, but tickets are still available.

Attendees will be required to have their temperatures taken when they arrive. Masks and hand sanitizers will also be given out, and staff will clean up throughout the event.

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A Bridgeport boat show goes upscale


Fox61, Jim Altman

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — The new Steelpointe Marina, which was completed in the late Spring is now up and running and play host to all things high end on the water, and on land.

“It consists of boats, yachts, cars, helicopters, seaplanes, a little of everything,” said Bob Christophe, the developer and owner of the Steelepoint Marina.

Christophe has spent six years developing the marina with his father and was excited about the socially distanced event officially called the Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show. “These are boats 35 feet and larger, going up to 150 feet at the show,” he said.

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New In-Person Boat Show Deemed a Success

Reagan Haynes,


As in-person boat shows are being cancelled around the world due to the covid-19 pandemic, a fledgling yacht and charter event in Connecticut was held on Father’s Day weekend, drawing more than 3,000 people.

Producer Showpiece Shows worked closely with the RCI Group and Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport, Conn., to follow a responsible plan of action, using the wide docks and expanded outdoor areas to provide plenty of room for social distancing at the show.

The Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show had always been planned as an invitation-only to bring attention to the Bridgeport area, but the coronavirus prompted a host of safety measures, said Steelpointe Harbor Marina owner Robert Christoph Jr.

Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show

Steelpointe Boat Show Saturday-07039

History was made this past weekend at Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport. For the first time ever a Yacht and Charter Show in the Park City drew people from around the country. The Bridgeport Harbor Marina was filled with yachts, charter boats, antique and luxury cars, invited patrons, and vendors. Skyplanes buzzed the Marina, assorted food trucks lined up, and luxury exhibitors showed off their wares as helicopters hovered overhead. Mayor Joe Ganim arrived in style in a 435cc Everglades boat, accompanied by the Showpiece Show’s staff.

It all started on Thursday, June 18th ,2020 when the President of Operations for Bridgeport Landing Development Robert Christoph Jr. became the first person to arrive via helicopter on Bridgeport’s East Side Steelpointe Harbor Peninsula. This iconic moment set the stage for the big weekend. Thanks to Azimuth Aviation of Stratford, Connecticut history was made aboard one of their flying machines.


Kitty McGowen, an organizer of the event and President of the U.S. Superyacht Association said the boat show was particularly important for the Bridgeport area. “It’s not just about the ‘2 percenters’ who can afford expensive boats. It’s really about the jobs,” McGowen said. McGowen believes that the people and families are positively impacted by the increase of boats in the area. McGowen added the event brings more jobs and puts a focus on the entire city of Bridgeport. “The thing about the boating industry is that it’s good for this community and this brings hope to this community, this project bringing jobs and bringing a lot of focus in a very positive way that’s going to help lift up the entire city of Bridgeport,” says McGowan. The Christoph’s intend for their Yacht and Charter Boat event to be an annual luxury boat show that showcases their state-of-the-art 200-slip Bridgeport Harbor Marina. Christoph said, “They (guests) enjoyed Bridgeport Harbor in a way they haven’t in 100 years. A lot of people don’t know it exists, so we’ll be hosting boat shows annually in May and September.”

Beyond the alluring display of boats, the show featured a multitude of fast, luxurious, and sophisticated cars from the nearby Black Horse Garage. Whether it was Aston Martin or the brand-new Genesis vehicles, guests were in awe. Luckily, patrons did not have to be car aficionados to appreciate the beauty of what was on display. Showpiece Shows did a remarkable job presenting the first ever Steelpointe Boat Show.

Steelpointe Boat Show Saturday-06826

Keeping the recent pandemic in mind, the event remained fun and safe. The show organizers arranged mandatory temperature screening prior to entering, a touchless check in, as well as following proper social distancing requirements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has without a doubt impacted the nation. Now, more than ever, organizations need support. The Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show organized an online auction to benefit the community. The proceeds collected went toward Steelpointe’s non-profit partners: Connecticut Beardsley Zoo, Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust, Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders, East End NRZ Market & Café, and Optimus Health Care.

The wonderful weather, diverse food choices, and live music created the perfect Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show experience. Steelpointe will host a marquee event September 24th-September 27th, 2020, which will be open to the public. The September show promises to draw a crowd of boaters, yacht fanatics, and community members along the state-of-the-art docks at Bridgeport Harbor Marina.

Steelpointe Boat Show Friday-06769

Bridgeport Landing Development Contributes to Child Care Center Reopening

Bridgeport Landing Development recently contributed to Hall Neighborhood House (HNH) to help fund the reopening of the community center. The center serves children between the ages of 2 to 10 and is the first major childcare facility to reopen in the city. In an effort to give back to the community and assist Hall with their daily operations, Robert Christoph Jr. of the RCI Marine Group and Bridgeport Landing Development (BLD) contributed $5000 to Hall Neighborhood House’s opening efforts. In addition, BLD also donated 500 masks to Hall Neighborhood House to help keep its children and faculty safe throughout the current health pandemic. These donations will help Hall Neighborhood House quickly recover from the unexpected expenses and prevent the unwanted spread of COVID-19.


“We love this community of Bridgeport. We want to be active, stay active, and make sure people are safe and have opportunity. Whether it’s giving masks to help keep people safe or money to make sure the kids are taken care of, we are happy to be part of the solution in Bridgeport of getting people back to work,” Robert Christoph Jr. said at a recent press conference. Other local business and community representatives who were present to contribute to Hall Neighborhood House included George Mitchell Jr. of Lockheed Martin, Scott Appleby of The City of Bridgeport who contributed 8,000 PPE masks, Mary Alice Donius of Sacred Heart University, Shawn McBride of W.C. McBride Electric, and City Councilwomen Aidee Nieves and Maria Valle. Each representative spoke about their commitment to HNH and how they will continue to help the community in order to get Bridgeport working again. This citywide effort ensures parents have a safe child care facility they can bring their children to as they return to the workforce.


Boca Oyster Bar’s Waterfront Patio Open for Service on May 20th

On May 20th, in conjunction with the Connecticut Governor’s reopening of the state, Boca Oyster Bar Restaurant at Steelpointe Harbor will be swinging its patio doors open to the public. While providing spacious patio dining on Bridgeport Harbor, Boca Oyster Bar will again serve patrons from its raw bar, exquisite seafood menu, and a variety of appetizing offerings.

Opens 11:30AM for Lunch & Dinner,
Seven days a week

Reservations recommended.