Project Background
Steelpointe Harbor is an urban mixed-use development designed to embody the most desirable characteristics of a harbor-side neighborhood. A new public realm consisting of a network of streets, open spaces, water views and harbor side strolling, together with a mix of residential, restaurant, retail and commercial uses reflects a diverse, livable, pedestrian-friendly environment consistent with the goals of the City of Bridgeport.
Steelpointe Harbor is a 2.8 million square-foot mixed-use, urban-oriented waterfront in Fairfield County. It will be constructed over a period of years in phases. It is a public-private partnership between the City of Bridgeport and the developer, Bridgeport Landing Development LLC. When complete, Steelpointe Harbor will have approximately 800,000 square feet of retail – 200,000 square feet of commercial/office, 300,000 square feet of hotel/meeting area, a new 200-slip marina with complete shore-side support and will ultimately contain 1,000 to 1,500 residential units.

The Vision
A tree-lined East Main Street will continue its role as the connection between the neighborhoods north of I-95 and the revitalized Stratford Avenue corridor, extending to the waterfront Harbor walk and marina.

East Main Street terminates at the Harbor Walk in a grand public piazza ringed by retail, restaurants, the marina, a public pier and a panoramic view of the harbor. The hierarchy of public spaces along East Main Street ranges in scale from this unifying piazza at the water’s edge, to smaller spaces for outdoor café and restaurant seating, to the more intimate strolling and shopping sidewalk realm serving retail patrons.

The development of a safe and vibrant network of pedestrian-friendly streets has evolved through careful study of the relationships between appropriately scaled buildings, blocks, sidewalks, and on-street and streetscape amenities. Urban furniture for passive recreation as well as lighting, signage, awnings and special paving make up the balance of a well designed and stimulating street environment.Grand_Piazza

The successful definition and activation of this new public realm is created by its relationship to the new built environment, the water and the Harbor walk. The correct disposition of buildings — setbacks, massing and general architectural design — is essential in creating an appropriately scaled space. Residential streets and courts in particular are composed of low, mid and high-rise structures to give the neighborhood both a contained sense of intimacy and an iconic feeling of drama. Buildings with bigger footprints such as large-format retailers or office uses are carefully designed to be integrated into the new urban fabric that will define Stratford Avenue.

Off street parking and service areas are located behind the major building structures, within structures or screened from view. Pedestrian connections from parking areas to public spaces, retail and residential uses are achieved through landscaped mews and sidewalks. The smaller scale of these features provides a comfortable transition from the car to the shopping streets and public promenades. Landscape design will play a key role in reinforcing the character of the harbor-side neighborhood by providing the public realm with a unified and consistent quality through the design of appropriately planted areas utilizing native species.