Everyone knows the best way to learn is through hands-on experience, just ask the students in the Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE) program. On Thursday, November 16th, students and mentors from ACE visited Steelpointe to get a feel for the construction site.

Mentor David Stone from Antinozzi Associates

ACE is an after-school program that gives high school students in the Bridgeport/Stratford area a hands-on introduction to architecture, construction management and engineering. Students are matched with mentors who are top professionals in their industry. Under the guidance of these mentors, students and their teams develop an actual engineering or architectural design project. This year, students are responsible for designing a real-to-life residential building based on the land specifications of the Steelpointe site.

Mentor Kevin Gatzke from Antinozzi Associates

Students and mentors toured Steelpointe and took photos to remember the specifics of their site walk while keeping their RFP and site plan in mind. Students are required to incorporate different site amenities from the construction site into their design. David Stone, an ACE mentor and architect from Antinozzi Associates, believes this experience is an opportunity for the students “to fully appreciate the efforts required to accomplish such a large-scale project and it was just a glimpse into a Master’s Class of how design and construction come together.”