Bios of the Team

Robert W. Christoph and Robert W. Christoph, Jr.
bob-and-bobRobert W. Christoph (President) – Robert Christoph is the Founder and President of the Miami Beach based RCI Group and its related companies. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago. Since 1969, Mr. Christoph has been actively engaged in the development, ownership and operations of multi-family residential and commercial properties in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, South Carolina and Florida; and in the development, ownership and operations of marina properties in Michigan, Indiana, Florida and Connecticut. His real estate activities and marina developments have raised hundreds of millions of dollars through debt and equity sources. A native Chicagoan, Mr. Christoph is an active civic leader in the greater Miami area. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the First National Bank of South Miami and is also an active co-sponsor and host to many nationally recognized yachting and fishing events such as OpSail 2000 (Miami Leg), the Southern Ocean Racing Conference, Key West Billfish Classic and the Miami Billfish Tournament to name a few. He maintains significant business and civic ties to Chicago.

Robert W. Christoph, Jr. (President of Operations) – Robert W. Christoph, Jr. joined the RCI Group in 2000 and moved quickly through the ranks from an analyst to his current position as President of Operations. For his undergraduate studies, he attended Central Michigan University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He continued his education at the University of Miami earning his Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. Since starting with the RCI Group, Mr. Christoph has been actively engaged in the origination and execution of public and private sector, mezzanine and equity financing for a variety of waterfront development projects. As the highest ranking executive in the Operations division, his responsibilities include the preparation of annual proposals and budgets for portfolio properties, optimizing organizational structure for existing management and target projects, and building technology infrastructure for the organization’s business needs.

The RCI Group:
Founded in the 1970’s, the RCI Group (“RCI”), the Christoph’s real estate development company, is in its fourth decade of active property development and management. The Christoph’s, RCI and its affiliates have developed or acquired 9,790 apartment units, 1.9 million square feet of retail, office and self-storage property, and 1,285 marina slips with service-related ancillary businesses. Today, the RCI Group and its related companies are widely regarded in the eastern United States and the Caribbean for providing a full, first class array of real estate services to a select group of developers specializing in the creation of unique, luxury, multi-dimensional marine related waterfront destinations. Due to its real estate background and experience in commercial, residential, multi-family and marina properties, RCI and its principals have established a quality reputation through their ability to skillfully integrate all phases of successful destination waterfront(s). With fuel sales in excess of 4 million gallons, occupancies in excess of 100%, including over 15,000 transients, and desired location for tournaments and regattas, RCI’s waterfront operations are the most desired locations in their respective markets. RCI’s consolidated portfolio represents over $150 million in total value and generates over $25 million in annual gross revenues. For more information please visit